Pearls from the Classroom of Sri Sathya Sai Baba on Oneness……….



The trees provide cool shade and sweet fruit equally to all, whether they have fostered them or harmed them. They teach man this lesson of equal mindedness. The mountains, by bearing heat and cold, wind and rain alike, teach man not to care too much for the body. The birds take no thought for the morrow and are content to live on what they can get. They teach man the lesson of contentment and indifference to the future.

The departed convey the message of the impermanence of life and its pleasures. Nature thus teaches man in many ways to give up ideas of “I” and “mine” and look upon God as the supreme preceptor. Although Nature has been teaching these lessons from the beginning of time, man has not learnt to give up the ideas of “my people” and “others” and to develop the sense of oneness and equality of mankind and realise his divinity .

We are seeing people being born and people dying. In spite of all that is seen, or heard or experienced, man is unable to get rid of the delusions relating to the body. Hence he is caught up in the coils of bodily attachments. He does not learn the lesson of the impermanence and fleeting nature of physical existence….

What we must seek to experience today is Ekatvam (unity in diversity ). Advaita (Oneness) is expressed in three forms: Bhaava-Advaita(oneness in mental attitude); Kriya-Advaita (oneness expressed in action); Padaartha-Advaita (oneness as seen in all objects). Only when oneness is experienced in all these forms can Divinity be understood….

Oneness must express itself in universal love. Those who speak about love do not practice it. It is the divorce between thought, word and deed which is at the root of all the troubles in the world today. It is also the cause of the rise of atheismin in this sacred land of ours. Harmony in thought, word and deed is the highest human value. Sathya, Dharma, Santhi and Prema (Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love) are not mere words. They are fundamental values to be practised in thought, word and deed as far as possible. Only then can divinity be realised.

It is not necessary to undertake all kinds of sadhanas (spiritual exercises) to recognise the Divine. If the happenings in daily life are properly enquired into, theAtma principle can be recognised easily. Hethu (cause) is one of the names of the Divine. This means He is the cause of creation. He is both the cause of and the means used in creation. Another name for God is Vikshara (Imperishable). All objects in creation are liable to decay and destruction. God alone is beyond change and decay .

Divinity is present in all things — both good and bad. There is no place or object in this world where God is not present. No one can say with any authority that God is “nowhere or only here”.Several names and forms are ascribed to Divinity, and a lot of confusion is created thereby. The reason for this confusion is based on how one relates oneself to God at the individual level. Therefore, try to set aside this individual relationship at least to a certain extent. It is only for this purpose that we are pursuing many types of education. The moment the individual relationship merges into a feeling of oneness with God, what remains is only Divinity everywhere.

You are all encountering several difficulties due to deha bhranthi (identification of the self with the body) and differences in feelings. You alone are the root cause for these difficulties. Both good and bad are the products of your mind. You may learn many subjects and acquire several degrees, but consider the Atma Thathwa (Atmic Principle) as one and only one. The same Truth has been explained in the aphorisms Ekameva Adwitheeyam Brahma (God is one without a second) and Ekam Sath Viprah Bahudha Vadanthi (truth is one; the wise say it in different ways). You must preserve this truth in your heart safely and securely.

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