Pearls from the Classroom of Sri Sathya Sai Baba on Meditation……….



Meditation is not concentration. Senses come within the purview of concentration. When you see something, it is eyes that see. When you hear, it is the ears that hear. When you are reading a book, you hold the book in your hands. You see the letters with your eyes. You understand through the mind. You analyze with your discrimination. Thus you are able to read the book. The eyes, ears, hands, mind are all senses. As concentration includes the senses it is below the senses. When this goes beyond, it is called meditation. To reach the state of meditation from the level of concentration you should cross a border. In between concentration and meditation is the border called contemplation. After crossing the border of contemplation meditation starts.

Today many people are wasting a lot of time in the name of meditation. Are you able to focus your mind for even a single second? No. You may sit for half an hour to one hour. Serve the society instead of wasting time on this alone. You will be very happy. You sit for one hour, but can you focus your mind even for one second? The mind runs like a mad monkey. You pull back this wandering mind and it starts running again. Why do you waste a lot of time in a useless activity? Duty is God. Server with the sole thought that all you do is serving God. Work will be transformed into worship. Feel that all you do is the offering to God, as work of God. This becomes meditation. You can’t get into meditation if you sit with your eyes closed. Whatever you do is the work of God. Think in this way and believe that your body is an instrument in the hands of the Lord. Have faith that God is doing such and such activity through you. Such a spiritual practice helps you a lot. This practice sets an ideal to  many people.

Meditation is filled with selfishness. It gives satisfaction to you alone. You do not understand if others are being trouble because of you. Service to God with a selfish motive can never be service. True meditation is in sacrificing selfishness and believing that everything is God.


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