Narayana  Suktam


Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaha

  Harihi Om

Let us us begin our learning of Narayana Suktam and pray to Sai Narayana to make us realize our innate Divinity.


tasya madhye’ mahāna’gnir-viśvārci’r-viśvato’mukhaḥ |

so‌உgra’bhugvibha’jantiṣṭha-nnāhā’ramajaraḥ kaviḥ ||

tiryagūrdhvama’dhaśśāyī raśmaya’stasya santa’tā |

 santāpaya’ti svaṃ dehamāpā’datalamasta’kaḥ |

 tasyamadhye vahni’śikhā aṇīyo”rdhvā vyavasthi’taḥ ||


 nīlato’-yada’madhyasthād-vidhyulle’kheva bhāsva’rā |

nīvāraśūka’vattanvī pītā bhā”svatyaṇūpa’mā |

Meaning:  In the middle of that ( narrow space of the heart or sushumna) remains the undecaying , all knowing, Omni faced, great Fire, with flames on every side, which enjoys the food presented before it, which remains assimilating the food consumed, ( the rays which spread scattering themselves vertically and horizontally) and which warms its own body from the insole to the crown. In the center of that Fire which permeates the whole body, there abides a tongue of Fire, of the color of shining gold, which is the topmost of among the subtle, which is dazzling like the flash of the lightening that appears in the middle of a rain bearing cloud, which is as sleder as the awn of a paddy grain; and which serves as a comparison to illustrate subtelety. In the middle of that flame dwells the Paramathman He is Brahma, Shiva, Hari and Indra.

tasyā”ḥ śikhāyā ma’dhye paramā”tmā vyavasthi’taḥ |

 sa brahma sa śivaḥ sa hariḥ sendraḥ soஉkṣa’raḥ paramaḥ svarāṭ ||

Meaning: Paramathman dwells in the middle of that flame.  He is Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Indra, the material and efficient cause of the Universe and He is the Supreme self-illuminous Pure Consciousness.

ṛtagṃ satyaṃ pa’raṃ brahma puruṣa’ṃ kṛṣṇapiṅga’lam |

 ūrdhvare’taṃ vi’rūpā’kṣaṃ viśvarū’pāya vai namo nama’ḥ ||

Meaning: I salute the cosmic form of the Supreme Lord Narayana, who is the all knowledge one, the embodiment of Truth and is verily the eternal Brahman.  Lord Narayana is also addressed here as “Krishnapingalam” the one who has reddish black complexion.

oṃ nārāyaṇāya’ vidmahe’ vāsudevāya’ dhīmahi | tanno’ viṣṇuḥ pracodayā”t ||

oṃ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śānti’ḥ ||

Meaning: May we realize lord Narayana, let us meditate on Him who is the indweller in all being. May Vishnu the all-pervasive Lord illumine us. Peace Peace Peace.


Harih Om Tat Sath

       (Meanings were taken from the book Vedapushpanjali of Sri Sathya Sai Publications)


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