‘Think of a space in your heart, and think that in the midst of that space a flame is burning. Think of that flame as your own soul. Inside the flame is another effulgent light, and that is the Soul of your soul, God. Meditate upon that in the heart.’~ Swami Vivekananda

Since ages and yore, the pathway to supreme bliss is mentioned to be found in the advaitic state of bliss. What is this state of bliss which confers so much joy in the truest sense? In that state of oneness the expansion of happiness is infinite. It never extinguishes with the span of passing time. Vedas and Upanishads declare that only way to seek permanent source of happiness is to seek within. They tell us to cultivate that repository of love which will usher boundless shower of eternal peace and bliss. The pathway of Meditation breaks the barrier of our small selves and helps to connect with that Higher Self, which is the source of love and eternal peace. Just the way rivers run to meet the ocean, our lives are moving towards His direction day and night silently. There is a divine flow which is serving higher purpose behind everything that is seen and visible in this world. That unseen force is the supreme strength which is connecting all unseen and unknown dots of life with higher principle. When life is accepted in this plane, the river moves faster towards its destination.

What is the pathway to God that the scriptures insistently asks mankind to tread and secure the grace of truth and bliss? What is the inherent obstacle that mankind have been facing persistently and unable to cross? The source is inside, what keeps us away to dive in that source? When we contemplate on these facets of truth, a deeper understanding dawns within ourselves. It automatically calms our diseased mind and disturbed inner distractions, helps us to halt and search within. We get to a stage of pause and start seeking the solution inside. It is like we have a box of treasure always at home, only we were unaware of that until some point. As soon as we become aware of this treasure chest residing in our home, our every attention will become focussed to look for the valuable gems and pearls that might be hiding inside. We become treasure hunter, and our every breath and heartbeat comes to our aid to search for the best jewel through the doorway of Heart. The meditative journey or walking within our inner realm opens that doorway towards the infinity. The result of meditation brings a serene silence and inner strength to face the scenes of this world calmly with unimaginable inner strength. Every given moment adds in the journey to look and search inner traits that might be taking us away from Him and slowing the process. This inner enquiry purifies our thought feeling and action. With the power of purity we get more dependent on the higher Source rather than on the world’s seen environment. The divine’s powerful play unfolds its dimension in brighter light and our heart’s every facet wills to surrender everything at His will by accepting everything with a greater joy. This acceptance brings calmness in our attitude which helps in radiating pure joy and bliss around. Life’s true purpose is experienced by offering humble gratitude to every situation and objects of creation. The power of meditation helps the seeker to connect with the cosmic source. This creates the unbelievable serenity within that is unshakable in faith, tender in sacrifice, gentle in surrender and vibrant in radiating pure love.

Light of life is always residing within. It is the impediment of soul’s gathered inertia and dementia of mind that blocks this life’s river with unwanted pebbles and stones. These requires a steady process of clearing that have been piled from many births and ages. Life’s journey began since long. Each moments passed is a phase, that was required to overcome and proceed towards the bigger circle. By clearing the pathway through this process of meditation we can get connected with the divine energy source which is the primordial force of this creation. The creation’s strength is residing within us silently. This gets unravelled slowly like a bud blossoming into its fullest beauty. When the buds of our hearts bloom, it manifests  our true strength.


Meditation helps to open that unknown horizon with the help of vital strength from inside. This is the mother of all strength, the kundalini force. It lies in a coiled state unless the divine purification starts working through and manifests its true nature through our own intense yearning for the higher journey. “ The benefits of meditation manifest on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. On the physical level, the benefits are good voice, good health, and good complexion. On the mental level, they are emotional stability, clear vision, a sense of peace, freedom from worry and anxiety, and greater concentration. On the spiritual level, the seeker develops more faith, a taste of inner bliss, self-surrender to the divine, and spiritual enthusiasm. Practice is vital to actualize these benefits, and the practice must be right. Practice is considered right when the three components of meditation─subject of meditation, center of consciousness, and method to guide the mind to concentration─are kept unchanged and unaltered, and the practice is followed steadfastly with faith, devotion, and determination.” ~ Vedanta Society

Meditation is that road which opens the heart’s door towards the realm of divinity. Through the process of steady calmness when our mind reaches to a state of calmness, it loses its inherent vacillation. The purpose of human birth shines like a steady flame of jyoti. It never shakes in the gusty storm of the world’s scene. One resides in the truth forever with steady faith of his own Self. This state of self realization takes one towards the end destination which is received through inner calmness. When the magnet and iron piece gets connected, the perpetual bonding with the higher Self continues without any distraction. It is the state of pouring oil in the lamp. The more this oil is poured, the lamp burns in brighter effulgence. This is achieved only through heart’s connection with the higher Self. When the mind gets silent and comes under the domain of heart, it is called the state of true yoga. The heart leads the journey and mind follows the heart’s command. With this process of divine union, the heart gets connected with every one around to cross the horizon of finite realm. The journey of life is understood in truest essence. It is the walk between the finite towards the infinite realm. Living in the moments of omnipresence and embracing everything in the surrounding is the state of true meditation. Just the way a zen monk lives his life with simple necessities by abandoning the unwanted and remain selective in the spheres of life, helps in living a simple meditative fulfilled life while being in the mundane world.

The path of meditation teaches us to be contented and remain happy always within while knowing the truth, remembering it every moment.


To live the life of a seeker, is to live within, dwell in inner consciousness. Meditation is the flower of God. By walking within we can feel the inner fragrance of divinity within us. This leads one towards treading the path of love and compassion. When the resource is sought within, it is required to be shared with all. When the energy of pure love is sought through this path of meditation,  it is needed to be radiated. All the scriptures tells humanity to share their true essence. At the onset it is required to be searched. When this treasure is found, it calls for giving away. That helps in receiving more joy, which is the path of true happiness.

By each moment’s sacrifice and surrender to the inner self, the seeker radiates true love for God. He lives in the state of Atman and sees all as the reflection of his truth. By sharing the inner fragrance, the true self shines more and more. By giving away, he receives to the fullest. Just the way when a flower blooms in the meadow along with other flowers, it enjoys its fragrance and radiates with all. Because the flower knows only by sharing and pouring itself, it will becomes full within itself.

“ Joy of oneness is required to be shared with all. By embracing all hearts cosmic heart is em-braced. Meditation leads one towards the endless journey of this embracing love empathy com-passion and bliss.”

Happiness is our natural state of being that leads towards our goal effortlessly.  Without seeking joy within, how to radiate that around which deserves most to be shared in mankind. By collecting and filling our inner tank with love through meditation, pure essence of God’s fragrance can be radiated happily. Meditation teaches and trains to connect with that unseen power to experience that truth inside.

The powerhouse of devotion and selfless sacrifice is a natural outcome of this path. The seeker starts developing an indelible attachment with God which becomes the light to walk this path. It eliminates all darkness with its own power and shines in inner radiance. The seeker walks the path of love and true wisdom by knowing himself no more separate from the source. He expresses his own essence with the inner strength of divinity. Meditation is the only way to connect us within to our true nature which we have forgotten due to sediments of many births. The purpose of the soul is to know that truth, walk the path so this life’s journey gets completed and the shackles of birth and death can be eliminated. The spirit of sharing selfless joy becomes life breath of seeker. This creates an inner fullness which keeps the soul hungry until the door is reached.

A state is attained through this divine journey where the understanding is lived as without knowing our true selves, human birth remains incomplete. That is the destiny of each soul to understand the truth of Who am I. Meditation teaches the soul to become a lotus, arise and awake in its inner state to embrace God fully while living in the world’s water of illusion.

Meditation teaches to drink divine nectar and become that source of Nectar within.


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