The purpose of this website is to share divine teachings and practice inward journey. The world should, speak and practice divine teachings; message of love, peace, sacrifice, forbearance, humility and harmony as the undercurrent of everything. When visiting the website and practicing the theme, one will get inspired & transformed with experiences of utmost joy, happiness, peace and bliss!all_religions

The website presents a new theme every month. Each theme is presented in the following topics:

Divine message: This section will share divine discourses on theme.

Literature: This section will manifest the philosophy of different enlightened souls, yogis, jeevanmuktas, and philosophers of the world on theme. It will also mingle the principle of oneness as the expression of love.

 Veda (Divine Scriptures): To help learn Veda from the grass root level as how a 5 year old child might learn. Chanting Veda is very much needed in this Yuga.

 Poetry: It will contain spiritual poems on the theme.

 Health & Nutrition: It will help follow sattvic raw food habits. It explains the value and significance of eating raw food and how it will help us grow in the path of positivity, productivity and ultimately in the path of spirituality. Raw food recipes are provided in this section.

 Kids Connection: It will be written by children. They will share their thoughts and experiences on the theme in their life.

Art & Craft: Art work will be done on the theme. It will help stay focused in the Sadhana for the month.

The values practiced through each presented theme will help everyone in advancing their spiritual journey. This website will be a Sadhana (practice) tool for all our brothers and sisters across the globe as we all grow together and spread peace and love around the globe.

Comments posted will be shared in the notes section of this website. Experiences, ways of practicing on the theme, difficulties faced and inspiration will help others in Atmic journey.


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