Let’s start  Atmic  Journey here! The goal of this website is to share divine teachings and practice spiritual journey.  Please check the theme of this month.

Theme of the Month: Lightpath and light

L    Love the
I     Inner

G   God in
H   Heart and
T   Thought

“This is the true significance of Light and how Light will be used and should be used! Love all, Serve all with this spirit and be joyous and highlighted with Light. Let light fill all lives through sacrifice, service, patience, fortitude, forbearance. Let love and the spirit of light be a guiding light of all your life. My Blessings are there for you all to achieve success and achieve this LIGHT.”  –  Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Let us move together this month towards the divine light by putting these messages into our practice. Please share your experiences and your loving feed back. Love and Light to all of you.





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  1. Light..oh sweet light, encompassing light
    surround us in your divine warmth!

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